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NHL Playoffs 2012: And Lo, The Tim Thomas Trolling Has Begun

You knew this was going to be coming. Tim Thomas has actually made one start since his much-discussed decision to skip the White House celebration for the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

But this is the playoffs, and as we all know, things get taken up a notch in the playoffs. So, when Thomas leads his teammates on to the Verizon Center ice about five hours from now for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, he will be greeted by, well, what you're about to see after the jump.

Russian Machine Never Breaks makes a habit of designing signs and cutout masks to taunt the opposition. They've come up with a couple of real beauties today. We're particularly fond of the Obama-poster-styled "HOPE -- you get pulled."

And then there's Homer McFanboy. Know to his loved ones as Brian Murphy, one of our favorite D.C. sports bloggers has constructed this monstrosity, which you'll see behind the goal Thomas defends in the second period (or overtime, if it comes to that).

Man, we're really glad we'll be in the press box tonight and not behind that guy.