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VIDEO: 'Capitals Lunchbox' Previews Game 7

We know the name of the show is "Capitals Lunchbox," but we're putting this up a little late. So, if you want to call this something different, like "Capitals Afternoon Cup of Coffee" or "Capitals 3:00 Sugar Cookie From The Bakery Downstairs," you can go right ahead.

Anyway, we really don't need to elaborate on the stakes for tonight's Capitals/Bruins Game 7. Winner goes on, loser gets out the golf clubs. In addition to all the inevitable weeping, gnashing of teeth, and searching for scapegoats that would ensue should the Caps lose, a Game 7 loss would also mean that the video below the jump would be the last in-season "Capitals Lunchbox" episode until October. And we can't have that.

Today's episode features J.P. of SB Nation's Capitals blog Japers Rink, former Capital Alan May, and host Kellie Cowan. Join them as they take a look back at the series and discuss and predict what will happen tonight. Enjoy.