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ANIMATED: Alex Ovechkin Trolls Madison Square Garden

Most fanbases bear grudges against rival franchises or fanbases. New York Rangers fans hate individual players. After all, their most famous cheer isn't really a cheer, it's just a series of whistles punctuated by everybody yelling "Potvin sucks!" as loud as possible. (That would be Denis Potvin, by the way, who hasn't played a shift in anger in nearly 25 years.)

For this series, since Rangers fans don't have Bruce Boudreau to kick around anymore, they've turned their attention to Alexander Ovechkin, counting down to the 8:00 to go mark of every period and then chanting "Ovi sucks! Ovi sucks!"

It's all good fun, but it can backfire on you really quickly if Ovechkin happens to score a goal. And lo and behold, with 7:27 left to go in regulation, Ovechkin did just that to lift the Caps to a 3-2 win. After that, it's safe to say a little Hulk Hogan impression was in order.


And that's what simultaneously trolling 18,200 people looks like.

GIF via Japers Rink commenter Dimagus.

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