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Former Boston Bruins Captain Ray Bourque Says Bruins 'Still Favored In This Series,' Calls Mario Lemieux A Whiner

For the time being, it looks like we'll serve the "behind enemy lines" function for this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series between the Capitals and the Boston Bruins. Former Bruins defenseman Raymond Bourque appeared on the "Toucher and Rich" show on Boston's WBZ-FM and was asked if the Bruins should be worried about the Caps.

I think in some ways, yes. We're used to seeing the Capitals finish on top of their conference and be disappointed in terms of losing in the first round or second round. I think expectations in Washington have been very high the last few years, and by their standards they've had a very disappointing year where they've had to struggle and just squeak into the playoffs by playing a lot better at the end of the year. But it's a very dangerous team. They're very talented with some world-class players ... It won't be easy, but in terms of depth and experience and what the Bruins have going for themselves, I think they're still favored in this series. But it should be a good series.

Then Bourque was asked about Alexander Ovechkin. His answer is below the jump.

Playing without Backstrom for 40 games certainly has an effect on you scoring some goals, but for a while there he seemed like he was disinterested somewhat, not as consistent. But he finished the year playing some pretty good hockey over the last couple of months.

Finally, Borque was asked for this thoughts about the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemieux, and the now-famous "whining stars" rant by New York Rangers coach John Tortorella. Caps fans from days of old should enjoy this.

You always used to hear Mario whine or Brett Hull whine, all these guys who went out there and scored all kinds of goals and wanted to be left alone and not hit and when somebody on their team or themselves do something, you'd hear nothing about it. It will never end. That was pretty interesting hearing Torts say that.

Pretty interesting, indeed.