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VIDEO: Capitals GM George McPhee Rages During Final, Futile Power Play

Capitals General Manager George McPhee has a well-earned reputation for being a nervous wreck during every game that his team is involved in. If you don't believe us, check out this clip from "24/7" last year. And that was after a routine game against Boston in December.

Some bright spark at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, no doubt know of McPhee's penchant for agony, thought it would be a good idea to have a camera ready to jump to McPhee for a reaction shot any time the on-ice action demanded it.

That's how we wound up with video clips like this one, which was shot during Washington's 2-1 triple overtime loss to the Rangers in Game 3. Look at the man. We're amazed he wasn't rendered catatonic by Game 7.

And speaking of Game 7 ...

When Ruslan Fedotenko was whistled for delay of game with 8:41 to go and the score 2-1, the call represented Washington's best chance to get back into the game. What ensued was possibly the worst power play that didn't result in a shorthanded goal in the history of the NHL. As you might expect, George McPhee was not pleased.

That's the beauty of Game 7s: they turn even General Managers into frustrated spectators.

Videos via Russian Machine.