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2012 NHL Playoffs: Capitals/Rangers Game 7 Draws 1.68 Million Viewers

Because we're nerds about this sort of thing, we can't help but do one last post about the TV ratings for the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Capitals and the New York Rangers.

The entire series drew large TV audiences, thanks to the presence of the New York market (as well as, of course, the various Capitals stars). So it was a little disappointing to see that the climactic Game 7 at Madison Square Garden drew only 1.68 million viewers, a tick below the 1.85 million that watched Game 3, which ended in a triple-overtime victory for New York.

The numbers can be explained. The game was played on Saturday night, when many people who might have watched the game at home instead went out to bars, which generally aren't counted in these things.

And even discounting that, NBCSN's numbers do compare favorably with the ratings at this time last year. Game 2 of the Bruins/Flyers series was the most-watched game of the first two rounds in 2011, drawing a smidgen under 1.7 million viewers.

All numbers via the indispensable Puck The Media.