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HELP WANTED: What We Want In A Capitals Editor

About this time yesterday, we posted the following.

In the intervening period, a number of expressions of interest have come our way. For that, we thank you (and are still accepting more). But also, a number of questions have come up concerning the exact nature of the role. So, let's try to answer them now, after the jump.

When we say "Capitals Editor," we mean, essentially, "Capitals Reporter," "Capitals Beat Writer," or "Capitals Correspondent," whatever you wish to use. If hired, you will be responsible for leading SB Nation DC's coverage of the team. We are credentialed for all home games and practices, and ideally you would attend as many of those as possible. You would, for all intents and purposes, be a fully-fledged credentialed media member, with all the responsibilities that go with it (including the usual high standards of professionalism).

What we want, essentially, is someone who can make the best use of the access we are given and give readers the original, insightful content that they crave.

This is a contract position. It is not something you can quit a day job for, nor is it something that you can support your family on. Its primary perk is the exposure you would receive in the burgeoning NHL and sports blogging community, and our previous Caps editors have gone on to other prominent positions in that world.

For more specific information, please email Thanks very much to those who have already expressed their interest, and we promise that we will be in touch soon.