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Bruce Boudreau: 'I Admire Dale Hunter For Following The Beat Of His Own Drum'

Bruce Boudreau has managed to keep busy since being fired by the Capitals this past November. After failing to make the playoffs with his new team, the Anaheim Ducks, Boudreau appeared on CBC for a short commentating stint during the first round, and has now taken to writing hockey columns for the Los Angeles Times.

His first piece is here for your perusal, and considering that the column actually opens with a "Hello, hockey fans!", we think we're safe in saying that Gabby didn't use a ghostwriter for this.

Of course, you'd be interested to hear what Boudreau has to say about the Capitals and the Rangers, but he doesn't get to it until about the midpoint of the piece.

First, he talks about the Capitals and Braden Holtby.

The Capitals play a real dump-it-in, wait-for-your-chances type of game. And they are doing a great job of getting people to block shots. Everyone is lauding [goalie Braden] Holtby, but frankly the Rangers aren't getting a lot of chances. But Wednesday night seemed like a missed opportunity for Washington. First, the Rangers didn't fall behind. But more importantly, the Capitals couldn't take advantage of the Rangers only playing five defensemen.

And then there's this little tidbit about Ovechkin and his ice time (or lack thereof):

A lot has been made about Ovechkin and his ice time. I admire Dale Hunter for following the beat of his own drum. He is looking at the game and saying, "Rhis [sic] is how we are going to win." He's staying true to himself and doing exactly what he thinks is the right thing in order to be successful.

Interesting, though Boudreau also picks a Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Final, on the condition that New York gets Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle back to full strength.