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Capitals Took A Gut Punch, But At Least Tickets For Game 4 Are Affordable

Ticket prices for Saturday's Game 4 have dropped 37 percent.


Wednesday's triple-OT loss to the New York Rangers could not have been an easy one to take for the Washington Capitals and their fans. While you may be down over the loss, one win on Saturday and the series is all tied up again.

Also, ticket prices for the game are way down, dropping 37 percent since Wednesday with the average price going from $324 per seat down to $203. You can get into Verizon Center on Saturday for $101, and there are more than 80 seats available for less than $125, many selling for as little as 27 percent below market value.

The best overall deals can be found in the 100-level sections, where many seats can be had for below face value, some for up to 40 percent below face. Prices in these zones start at $145.

For tickets to game 4, click here.