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2012 NHL Playoffs: Rangers Putting Eastern Conference Finals Tickets On Sale With Series Still Tied

We believe this falls into the category of tempting fate. Via our buddy, Washington Times web maestro, published author, and friend of the blog Ted Starkey.

As our NHL editor Travis Hughes has pointed out, it's a logistical necessity for teams to put tickets for the next playoff round on sale before they've officially advanced. And considering that Saturday is the earliest possible day that the Eastern Conference Finals would start (right now the NHL has Game 7s of Caps-Rangers and Flyers-Devils series penciled in for that date), it make sense for the Rangers to get something together.

But sending out an email about it?

Here's the thing: this stuff does get passed around. Sometimes it gets passed around the locker rooms, sometimes it gets passed around the upper management offices. But trust us, people will see this and they will be pissed.

After all, this is the playoffs, and every bit of motivation helps.