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VIDEO: George McPhee Wins Friends And Influences Yinzers

Prior to taking Filip Forsberg with the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee held a final conference with some scouts and other officials in the Washington organization.

A very long final conference. So long, in fact, that it earned the Capitals a verbal warning from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

At long last, McPhee took the stage to a chorus of boos from Pittsburgh fans, who, somewhat alarmingly, had absolutely nothing better to do on their Friday night. And then things got really good.

For the hard of hearing, that was a "Thank you, Pittsburgh," followed by a chest tap, followed by a "We're touched," followed by a muttered announcement of Forsberg's name as the pick.

We have to hand it to McPhee. Sometimes he can drive Caps fans nuts, but never doubt that he cares about the organization.

Stick tap to Russian Machine Never Breaks for the video.