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Adam Oates Press Conference: George McPhee Says Capitals New Coach Had 'The Most Upside'

The NBA Draft isn't until Thursday night, but Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee took a page from Jay Bilas' Book of Draft Lingo at a press conference Wednesday afternoon to introduce Adam Oates as the 16th head coach of the Washington Capitals franchise.

That's right, McPhee's already into our yearly quota of "upside!' Somebody get the trademark attorneys ready!

There wasn't much in the way of earth-shattering news Wednesday afternoon. There was more gushing on the part of McPhee about Oates.

Then there were some words from the man himself, beginning with an explanation of why the process took so long.

Also, there were some trenchant observations.

Looks like Oates' new charges shouldn't expect Dale Hunter hockey to completely die away, after all. And following the press conference, there was this meeting of the minds between the Verizon Center's main winter occupants.

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