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Dennis Wideman Trade Reaction: 'Jay Feaster Loses What Little Mind He Has Left'

That statement above is part of the headline at SB Nation's Calgary Flames blog, Matchsticks and Gasoline, after it was announced Wednesday afternoon that Washington had traded Wideman to the Flames, who promptly signed the defenseman to a 5-year, $5.25 million-per-year contract.

The author of the headline, Justin Azevedo, went below the line to sum up his feelings.

I'm not even mad. I've progressed into psychotic laughter

Here's the take from Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports:

That sound you just heard was Jason Garrison and Ryan Suter popping champagne.


Does Wideman improve the Flames' blueline? Yes, based on the current personnel.

Will he frustrate the hell out of Calgary Flames with his occasional lapses? Yes.

Is he overpaid? Totally. But only based on what he was previously making and what the market dictates, maybe it makes a little sense. Maybe another coach cracks the code on Wideman, who was atrocious in the playoffs. Or maybe he'll be seen as a liability making too much coin. And lord knows salary never affects perception, right Jay Bouwmeester?

And five years of Dennis Wideman could lead to a therapist's couch. Good thing, as of now, there's not a no-trade clause listed for him.

And here's what SB Nation's Caps blog, Japers Rink, had to say about Wideman in their year-end wrap-up.

As productive as he was offensively,there were times when Wideman appeared to be something of a liability in his own end... which is kind of the opposite of what you're going for at that position. His minus-8 rating was second-worst rating among Caps defensemen, a rating which at times reflected his poor - and sometimes downright head-scratching - decision-making with the puck.

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