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Canadian Porn Star Killer A Big Fan Of Russia, Alexander Semin, And Alex Ovechkin

If you don't know the name Eric Clinton Newman, then you probably know his alias, Luka Magnotta. Magnotta, a, ahem, "male model," was arrested this weekend for allegedly carrying out the gruesome killing of a man named Lin Jun. That's about as far as we're going to go regarding the actual crime, since we just ate an early lunch. If you want to know more, check out the Montreal Gazette or Le Journal de Montreal if you're of the French-speaking persuasion.

Anyway, if you want further proof that Canadians--even deeply twisted porn star murderers--love their hockey, look no further than this post on in December 2010, in which Magnotta ranks the best Russian players.

Magnotta seems to have had a thing about all things Russia, considering his post occasionally veers into Cyrillic. Here's part of what he wrote about Alexander Semin.

Some would argue that this man might be the most skilled player on this list. He is a crafty stickhandler, a superlative passer, and his shot is absolutely lethal. He only needs about a quarter of a second to release his potent wrist shot, and when he does, goalies can only wave helplessly as the puck whizzes over their shoulder and into the top corner.

And here's a part of Magnotta's Central Scouting imitation regarding Alex Ovechkin:

One of the most explosive, dynamic, exciting players the game has ever seen, Alexander Ovechkin is all but unstoppable when he is playing at his best. Not only can Ovechkin punish his opponents on the scoreboard with his laser beam of a shot, but his 237 pound frame and his love of delivering big bodychecks means he can dole out physical damage in equal measure.

Yup. This happened.

Stick taps to Deadspin (check out the Sergei Federov tribute video Magnotta made) and CSN Washington's Chase Hughes.