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Ask Ted Leonsis (Almost) Anything With Bullets Forever And Japers Rink

Hey, you! Are you a Washington Capitals or Washington Wizards fan? Have you ever wished that you could get Ted Leonsis in a closed room and ask him about the stewardship of two of Washington's "Big Four" franchises?

Well, now's your chance.

SB Nation DC's Wizards blog, Bullets Forever (run by Editor Emeritus Mike Prada), and our Caps blog, Japers Rink, are putting together a Q&A with Leonsis, which will take place at a later date.

Here's how this'll happen: Drop the question you want asked in the comments here or here. You can also ask your question on Twitter by hitting up @BulletsForever and/or @JapersRink. You can also use the Facebook pages here and here, if you're still into that.

Some caveats after the jump.

Mike Prada of Bullets Forever and J.P. of Japers Rink will be picking the questions. Here are their thoughts.


Feel free to suggest any kind of question, but extra weight will be given to questions that fulfill the following criteria.

They are most likely to elicit a longer, more detailed responses.
They don't duplicate the questions asked by [The Washington Post's Mike] Wise.
They are recommended by fellow community members.

And here's J.P.:

Let's try to keep the inquiries focused on the present and the future (if you still can't understand why the Caps traded Peter Bondra, we're not going to ask that question for you), and note that any CBA-related question will cost you $100,000 to have answered. Just kidding - no CBA questions.

Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, we should note that Leonsis is, and we quote, "a small angel investor" in SB Nation, the parent of SB Nation D.C.

So, ask away.

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