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PHOTO: Alex Ovechkin Dresses Down For Wimbledon

Alex Ovechkin's girlfriend, Maria Kirilenko, is currently locked in an epic struggle with Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland for the right to advance to the ladies' singles semifinals at Wimbledon.

Ovechkin, as he has done throughout the summer, has made a point of showing up to offer Kirilenko some moral support. And he's done so while wearing some sweet, sweet sweats.


Now, look. Obviously, the man can dress however he wants to dress. But c'mon, Alex, this is Wimbledon! The land of strawberries and cream and Pimm's cups. These aren't men's and women's tournaments, these are only for gentlemen and ladies. For God's sake, even the umpires and linespeople are wearing cord blazers and wool caps.

And you show up looking like that? Is that a skull on the sweatpants? Are you kidding me?

Just promise us this, if Maria makes the final Saturday, will you at least wear a tie? Or how about a collared shirt? C'mon, Ovi, we're not asking for much.

(Photo via @ChrisMottram)