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NHL Free Agency 2012: Red Wings Interested In Alexander Semin

The Detroit Red Wings were like many teams on Wednesday who missed out on free agent defenseman Zach Parise who signed with the Minnesota Wild. Now the Red Wings have their eye on Washington Capitals right wing Alexander Semin.

Semin has been considered the backup plan for the Red Wings and they are now making inquires about Semin. There was a report from MLive that the Red Wings are not keen on signing Semin:

The Red Wings are not high on skilled right wing Alexander Semin, the second-best available forward, due to concerns about commitment and effort that have dogged him his entire career. They would be hesitant to sign a player like that to a long-term deal.

That report came out on Tuesday and things have changed since then, and now the Red Wings are once again looking into signing Semin.

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