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Nationals Send Bryce Harper To Arizona Fall League

Yesterday, we passed along a report that the Nationals would be sending Bryce Harper home to rest instead of having him participate in the Arizona Fall League. Harper must have a hyperbolic chamber or some magic dust or something, because the Nationals already feel like he is ready to go.

Bill Ladson at the Nationals blog has reported that the Nationals will be sending Harper out to the Fall League "effective immediately." Ladson also reports that Harper will be part of a unit that plays twice a week. He'll be joined in Arizona by a number of important people from the organization.

(general manager Mike) Rizzo, manager Jim Riggleman, hitting coach Rick Eckstein, special assistant Phil Rizzo, a special advisor to the general manager, will also be in Arizona to help develop Harper.    

We'll have updates from his performance here in this stream, including the first time he hits a home run over the Grand Canyon.