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Jim Riggleman: Nats Targeting Adam Dunn, But There Are Other Fish In The Sea

Now that Jim Riggleman is officially back in the fold as manager of the Nationals for the upcoming year, he can start to turn his attentions towards the approaching free agent season. Though it's still a couple weeks away, the Nationals have started to formulate their plans, particularly what they intend to do at first base.

According to Ben Goessling at MASN, the Nationals would like to bring Adam Dunn bask at first base, but have other options lined up in case they can't secure his services.

We've got our sights on Adam," Riggleman said, "but there's going to be some pretty good talent out there."

Goessling continues to say that he believes the Nationals have a different idea of how much Adam Dunn is worth then those who represent him. Which is probably the reason why he will be in a different uniform next year. That, and the Nationals' desire to replace him with a more defensive oriented first baseman.

And I know most Nats fans don't want to hear this, but from what I've heard, the option at the top of the list of Dunn alternatives is Tampa Bay's Carlos Pena, who isn't expected to resign with the Rays.

Pena hit below the Mendoza line last year at just .196, but finished with 28 home runs. He plays excellent defense at first base, but Dunn's production at the plate will certainly be missed if they replace him with Pena. But it seems that Dunn will be paid more than the Nationals are willing to give him, so Pena might not be such a bad fall back option.