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Washington Nationals Offseason: Mike Rizzo Says Team Has 'Begun Discussions' With Cliff Lee

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The Washington Nationals have made no secrets about their desire to make a big splash in free agency. Despite not having Stephen Strasburg for all of next year, many within the organization seem to believe the team has the capacity to make a big move this summer. The big fish on the market is Texas Rangers star pitcher Cliff Lee, and as we already know, the Nationals will indeed have "an audience" with him.

Today, we learned that the Nationals have begun those discussions. In an appearance on MLB Network's "Power Alley" show with Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy on Sirius Satellite Radio, Rizzo said that the Nationals have "begun discussions" with Lee's agent to possibly sign the lefthander to a contract.

However, later on, Rizzo also reiterated this:

"I'm not going to put all my eggs in the Cliff Lee basket ... the chances of Cliff wanting to come to the Nationals ... is small."

Rizzo also said the team "continues to have communication" with Adam Dunn, and that they like him very much. However, he also talked a lot about the importance of defense, and said Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Carlos Pena, a free agent the team has long been rumored to want, is "one of a handful of guys" that gives the team what they want.