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NL Gold Glove Winners: Ryan Zimmerman Snubbed For Scott Rolen

Yeah, yeah, I know, winning a Gold Glove pretty much means nothing, not as long as Derek Jeter continues to add to his trophy chest. But dammit, us Nationals fans need something to cheer about, and all season, that something was Ryan Zimmerman. So it's only natural that Zimmerman's fielding exploits would result in his second straight Gold Glove, right?


Nope, think again. The list of the NL Gold Gloves came out today, and wouldn't you know it, Zimmerman isn't on there. In fact, he was beaten out by Scott Rolen, a former Phillies star that's largely skirting on based on his reputation now that he's in Cincinnati.

↵'s Jeff Sullivan doesn't think the choice is too ridiculous, while ESPN's Jayson Stark thinks it is. Because we're huge homers, we're siding with Stark here. No hard feelings, Jeff, but whenever our guy loses to a former Phillie, we're going to flip out.