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Nationals Offseason: Ryan Zimmerman Wants The Nats To Re-sign Adam Dunn

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There are people all over D.C. that want the Nationals to bring Adam Dunn back into the fold through free agency. Like, all the people who saw the Nats squander a chance to get some value back for him through a trade at the deadline, and all the people who have seen him knock mammoth shots out of Nationals Park over the last two years. According to Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider, you can add Ryan Zimmerman to that list.

"You can get a guy who might have a great season, or he might hit 15 home runs and drive in 60," he said. "The thing you know with Adam is, he's going to hit close to 40 home runs, he's going to drive in close to 100 runs. He's been like that the last seven years. The hardest thing to find in baseball is a consistent player. And I think when you have one, and you have one here, it's kind of hard to believe you can't retain him."

To which Mike Rizzo would say (at least after Dunn signs somewhere else for more money then the Nationals are willing to give him) his defense is just too bad to justify the offensive output. I happen to agree with Zim. 100 RBI and 40 home runs is not easy to find in the open market. But I also understand that Dunn's defense at first costs the team a lot of runs the other way.

It's a tough situation for management to work through. We'll see hoe they decide to proceed.