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Washington Nationals Offseason: Detroit Tigers Reportedly Close To Signing Adam Dunn

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For the last few months, the Washington Nationals didn't appear to be all that interested in hanging on to Adam Dunn. Sure, they said they were talking to his agent, but they were also hyping up the need to get better defensively. In the end, it looks like it may cost them Dunn.

According to two prominent baseball writers -- Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman and the New York Post's Joel Sherman -- the Detroit Tigers are getting close to agreeing to a contract with Dunn. Heyman reports that talks between the Tigers and Dunn "appear serious," while Sherman reports that Dunn is "moving closer" to a deal, maybe to Detroit. It remains unclear just how much money the Tigers are offering Dunn. It's also interesting because Dunn has previously been unwilling to go be a designated hitter for an American League team.

The White Sox have also met with Dunn's agent. Meanwhile, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said the team is keeping its options open at first base, making it sound like they have moved on. 

Dunn hit 38 home runs and had 103 runs batted in last season in the middle of the Nationals' lineup.