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Nationals Offseason: Other Pitching Options For The Nationals

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The Nationals will be pursuing Cliff Lee in the offseason. That is a fact. Whether or not they have a legitimate shot at signing the biggest available prize or if they are just doing so to entertain the fans and themselves, remains to be seen. But I don't really think that Cliff Lee will be walking through that door.

But the Nationals still want to sign a top of the rotation starter, as they have been saying for a while now. Ben Goessling at MASN Sports lays out some other options for when if the Nationals come up short on Lee.

Those options would include 29-year-old Colorado left-hander Jorge de la Rosa, 34-year-old Minnesota righty Carl Pavano and 34-year-old Yankees righty Javier Vazquez.

Uninspiring names all, but they are still better than what the Nationals have on their roster currently.

Of the three, I think Jorge de la Rosa is the most attractive. Pavano and Vazquez are both getting up there in age, and de la Rosa would add a left handed element to the rotation that the Nats have been lacking. Pavano pitched pretty well for the Twins last year, but who knows if he can stay fully recovered from the injuries that plagued him during his time with the Yankees. Vazquez was an absolute disaster with the Yankees last year, but a return to the National League might be good for him. Could be a good buy low situation.