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Nationals Offseason: Nats Reportedly Offer Adam Dunn Arbitration

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We mentioned earlier today that the Nationals had until today to offer Adam Dunn salary arbitration, according to Ben Goessling, that is exactly what they decided to do.

#Nationals will offer Adam Dunn arbitration, per a team source. Not a big surprise.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Offering Dunn arbitration is very important because it means that the Nationals will receive two first-round draft picks as compensation should Dunn elect to sign with another team in free agency. If Dunn chooses to accept arbitration, then a arbiter will decide how much the Nats will pay him. There is always the option of course that the Nationals can sign Dunn to an extension outright and avoid this whole mess, but that is seeming less likely as the days go by.

Expect Dunn to sign some time around Dec. 6, when baseball's winter meetings go down and the agents get to meet with almost every team at once. That's when a lot of the premier free agents will start to fly off the board.