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Nationals Offseason: Reluctance To Play DH May Be Costing Adam Dunn

If you go strictly by the numbers, Adam Dunn might just be the most productive hitter on the free agent market this offseason. At the trade deadline there were a number of teams that wanted to trade for Dunn, but as the winter meetings approach, there isn't much interest out there to sign him as a free agent. Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports thinks that is because Dunn doesn't want to be a DH, which eliminates half of the potential suitors.

Maybe Dunn needs to play first base in order to find true contentment at the ballpark. In that case, more power to him. But does he feel strongly enough that he would take millions less for the simple pleasure of wearing a glove every day? I doubt it.

I doubt it too. This is the type of thing that might drag out for a while over the Winter months while those representing Dunn try to convince him that he can make soooo much more money as a DH, which is true. Adam Dunn's defense at first base is the reason why the Nats are thinking about replacing him at first. Just because Dunn really wants to play first base, doesn't mean there is a team that will pay him the amount of money he is seeking to do so.

Adam Dunn is a very good hitter. He is not a very good fielder. Luckily for him, there is a position that allows him to just play offense and not have to be exposed as a below average fielder. It means considerably less playing time, but it also means that more teams will be interested in signing him, likely raising his price tag. I think that if he is unsigned in a few months, he'll realize that signing with an AL team to be a full time hitter is the best route. Or maybe he'll just rejoin the Nationals, wouldn't that be awesome?