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Breaking From The Arizona Fall League: Bryce Harper Good At Baseball

Bryce Harper is playing twice a week in the Arizona Fall League, which is full of players that are a lot older and much further a long in their development. Despite his inconsistent playing time, he is managing to put up very good numbers, according to D.C. Pro Sports Report.


His .368 batting average is just about 85 points higher then the next best Nationals prospect playing in Arizona, Derek Norris. It's important to note that Harper has had just about half as many at-bats, so his sample size is smaller, but .368 is impressive anyway you slice it. He has one home run which I believed traveled 200 miles, but I think the most impressive thing about Harper is his patience and maturity.


According to Harper reached base three times in his last game, a bunt and two walks. That's not the monumental power we heard about, but sometimes it can be just as effective. I wouldn't have blamed Harper if he went to Arizona swinging at every pitch he saw trying to make an impression, but the fact that he is patient enough to take walks is a good sign for his development.