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Nationals Offseason: Adam Dunn Declines Arbitration

The game of "Where In The World Will Adam Dunn End Up?" got more interesting Tuesday, when according to Mark Zuckerman, the slugger declined the Nationals' arbitration offer.

MLBPA says only Frasor and Francisco accepted arbitration tonight. Thus, Dunn declined Nats' offer. Still can re-sign, of course.less than a minute ago via web


Dunn made his decision right before the end of the November 30 deadline. The Nationals' offer guarantees that they will receive draft-pick compensation if Dunn decides to sign elsewhere. The Nationals are preaching a defense-first approach, which isn't Dunn's strong point. Dunn, who hit .260 with 38 home runs and 103 RBIs, has been courted by mostly American League teams, where he would be used as a designated hitter.

According to Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan, Dunn is looking for a contract for at least four years and $60 million. Both Chicago franchises, the Cubs and White Sox, are both reportedly interested.