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Jayson Werth Receives Full No-Trade Clause With Washington Nationals

The one thing we learned in Jayson Werth's introductory press conference with the Washington Nationals is that he has a full no-trade clause. Werth volunteered that information during an answer about the length of his contract, and general manager Mike Rizzo confirmed that in an interview following the press conference. This means the only way Werth leaves Washington D.C. during his seven-year contract is if he does it on his own accord.

But Rizzo admitted afterwards that he isn't thrilled with that arrangement. He said it was a necessity to securing a commitment from Werth to sign with the team, but still doesn't love doing it. Via Ben Goessling of MASN:

"I'd rather not have a no-trade clause, because it's another impediment to roster construction; I would term it that way," Rizzo said. "A no-trade clause gives the players more control. That's why we're reluctant to do it. It's something that, for an elite free agent like this, I thought I would relent on it, because we had to do it to get the player."    

Rizzo admitted that he will make exceptions for certain free agents, but it's striking to see him speak out against no-trade clauses only a few minutes after Werth discussed the importance of a long-term commitment from his end. I guess this means we won't see many more in the future.