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Zach Greinke's No Trade Clause Includes Nationals

The Nationals' offseason has been quite busy. Adam Dunn headed to Chicago to suit up for the White Sox, Jayson Werth was brought in to replace Dunn's power and Josh Willingham was traded to the Oakland Athletics. This happened all within the span of about two weeks.

Washington missed out on Cliff Lee (to no one's surprise), but are still looking for a solid pitcher to anchor a young rotation. One possibility is Kansas City Royals ace Zach Greinke. Or perhaps the better word is "was."

Via MLB Buzz, Greinke's no-trade clause allows him to block up to 15 teams. Reportedly, the Nationals are one of them. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are also on the list.

Possible destinations where Greinke could be traded without his permission are the Los Angeles Angels, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers.

Perhaps the next option down the list is Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Garza. The Rays are eyeing Ian Desmond or Jordan Zimmermann in return, but the Nats are unwilling to part with their promising core. The plot thickens.