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Mike Rizzo Claims Jayson Werth Signing Signals 'Phase Two' Of Nationals' Development

At a press conference announcing Jayson Werth's signing, which was broadcast on the MLB Network, Washington Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo said that the franchises' bold move to get the former Philadelphia outfielder signaled that the Nats were in "phase two" of their development.

Phase two, as Rizzo described, is one where the Nationals will look to become more aggressive in adding impact players in the trade and free agent markets, with their goal being to make a push to become more competitive and win the NL East. With this announcement, it will be interesting to see what the Nats will do this week as the winter meetings begin. They still have several needs, most notably the first base vacancy left by Adam Dunn's departure, in addition to acquiring a veteran starting pitcher who can help lead the rotation.

Rizzo also announced that Werth will be playing in right field next year.