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Now Introducing Your Washington Scott Boras', errr, Nationals

Even if you didn't know who represented Jayson Werth a few days ago, once he signed his mammoth deal with the Nationals, it was pretty clear that it was Scott Boras pulling the strings. Boras, one of the most powerful agents in the game, has orchestrated a number of enormous-to-record breaking deals during his time as a professional agent.


Werth is just the latest Boras client to ink a deal with the Nationals. In fact, according to Ben Goessling at, Boras clients make up a big part of the Nationals clubhouse. The handful of Boras clients actually include some of the best (or those who may prove to be someday) players in the organization: Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Danny Espinosa, Pudge Rodriguez and the young catcher Jesus Flores.


Boras represents some of the best players in the game, so having players that are under his control in his organization is actually a good thing; even if the team probably had to overpay a little bit to get them under contract. But that's what you get with Boras. He'll deliver some quality talent, but he's going to make you pay for it. Jayson Werth is just the latest example.