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Nationals Owner Mark Lerner On The Jayson Werth Signing

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Say what you want about the Jayson Werth signing - too much money, too many years, blah blah blah - but the fact remains that you are talking about it, and the Nationals, on the first day of baseball's 2010 winter meetings. That is more than you could have said at any other time in the team's history. And as Nats owner Mark Lerner said on his blog Curly W Live, that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

 As you likely know, we agreed to terms with RF Jayson Werth yesterday on a seven-year contract. This really shocked the baseball universe and there was not a writer or baseball dignitary in the lobby that did not take notice. We made an impression and we nabbed a darn good ballplayer too.

That's a good point. Even if Werth doesn't live up to his contract fully (something I think it might be hard to do) he gives the Nationals a certain aura. Who would have thought the Nationals could sign a player of Werth's caliber while spending the type of money they did even just a week ago? It shows that the Nationals are willing to spend money to build a team, and it raises their profile throughout the league.

Even if they overpaid him, the team is better for having Jayson Werth on his roster than they would be if he wasn't. It's the owners' money to spend, and if he is happy to spend it to put a a winning team on the field, then who cares? He seems content with the signing, so that's really all you can ask for.