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2010 Baseball Winter Meetings: Adam LaRoche Interested In Signing With Washington Nationals

When Adam Dunn bolted to the Chicago White Sox, the Washington Nationals were rumored to be in the mix to acquire several different players to replace him. One of those players is Adam LaRoche, the first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks last season. As it turns out, LaRoche may want to come to D.C. too.

In an interview with Bill Ladson of, LaRoche said he would "definitely" have interest in playing for the Nationals "if we come on the same page." He added that he would begin having discussions with the team in the next few days. 

LaRoche, like many players, was impressed with the team's decision to give Jayson Werth $126 million, saying it demonstrates a commitment to winning.

"I think it shows how serious the Nationals are about getting the organization back on track and becoming a contender in the National League East," LaRoche said. "They are probably tired of watching other teams [spend money and winning]. With the ballpark [Nationals Park] and a little money to spend, they are looking to start over." 

LaRoche hit .261 with 25 home runs and 100 RBI for the Diamondbacks last season.