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2010 MLB Winter Meetings: Nationals Target Carlos Pena Signs With Cubs

The Nationals let Adam Dunn walk away this winter, mostly because they wanted to replace him at first base with someone who would be a better defensive presence. Carlos Pena was thought to be one of the players who might fit the bill. He had been one of the Nats biggest targets throughout the offseason.Now, that option is off the table.

Carrie Muskat is reporting that Carlos Pena has signed a one-year $10 million contract with the Cubs, who were also looking for a left handed batting, defensive minded first baseman.

#Cubs deal with Carlos Pena believed to be one year, $10 million. Expect more news later Wednesdayless than a minute ago via web

So that's kind of a bummer.

The only other option for the Nats who fits the bill is Adam LaRoche, who said earlier in the offseason that he would consider signing with the Nats if they showed that they were interested.