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2010 MLB Winter Meetings: Nationals May Be Close To Signing Adam LaRoche

One potential target for the Nationals' hole at first base got away earlier today when the Chicago Cubs signed Carlos Pena. However, another may soon be coming in, as the Nationals may be closing in on a deal for former Diamondbacks first baseman Adam LaRoche.

Ed Price of Fanhouse is reporting that it "sounds like" LaRoche is going to reach an agreement with the Nationals. However, nothing is official yet, and no report has backed that up at this time. In fact, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports that nothing is even imminent.

Am told Adam LaRoche to #Nats is not imminent, not at all a lock to happen. 

Still, the Nationals' interest in LaRoche is no secret. The team needs a first baseman to fill in for the departed Adam Dunn, and their top target is off the market. In many ways, LaRoche may be a better fit anyway. Last season, LaRoche hit .261 with 25 home runs and 100 RBIs, and is younger than Pena. Also, Pena hit below .200 last season. As SB Nation's Jon Bois notes, how does Pena get $10 million?