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Morning Commute: Stan Kasten's Hazy Future With Nationals Reveals Bigger Problem

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If you care about the future of the Nationals, then you'll be scared by the news that Stan Kasten is contemplating leaving the organization. Kasten leaving would be really bad, considering his experience in the field.

But to me, it's deeper than that. The far bigger concern is that the Lerners still seem unwilling to spend the necessary amount of money to compete. In particular, this one line in Thomas Boswell's column hit at me.

In baseball, the theory is that you spend so the fans will come. The Lerners wanted to wait for the fans to come, then spend.

Clearly, the latter approach isn't the kind of thing that works in professional sports. If the Lerners really believe that they can't spend more money until fans show up, then we'll see a lot more nights where Nationals Park is empty like it was this week. That, more than Kasten's own future, is what Nationals fans should really freak out about.

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