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A Potential Replacement For Stan Kasten

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We learned today that Stan Kasten will not be returning as President of the Washington Nationals next season. And so the scheming begins about potential replacements.

Dick Heller thinks he has the perfect recommendation: Cal Ripken, Jr. Although Heller stops short of naming Ripken directly (the man needs no introduction after all), he makes some really good points about why the greatest player in the history of the franchise that attempted to prevent the Nationals from moving to Washington would now be an excellent choice to be their Team President.

Throughout his career, he stood as an excellent role model for children and adults. As far as we know, he never injected steroids, snorted cocaine, abused alcohol or played around on the road,

After night games, he often stood until the wee small hours signing autographs for kids and grownups who would never forget the moment. He was credited with re-establishing baseball’s credibility in 1995, the year after a players’ strike canceled half the regular season and the entire postseason while turning thousands of people away from the game.

We don't know whether or not Ripken would ever be interested in an executive position within the Nationals organization, and we certainly don't know whether or not he'd be any good at it either. But his selection sure would be sweet revenge against Peter Angelos.