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Historical Perspective Proves Ryan Zimmerman Is Really Good At Baseball

If you've been paying any attention to the baseball team that happens to call Washington at home, then you understand how good Ryan Zimmerman is. Over the past six years, he's been the one consistent force in the Nationals organization.

It's easy to see that he ranks among the best third baseman in the game, but what may come as slightly more surprising, is how good Zimmerman has been relative to history's greatest third baseman early in their careers.

According to Roger Schluete at, Zimmerman is one of the best third basemen through six seasons in the history of the game.

Zimmerman has four fewer extra-base hits than Mike Schmidt had through his first six seasons, placing him ninth among third basemen since 1901. His OPS+ ranks 12th among third basemen during their first half-dozen seasons.

Zimmerman is also tied with David Ortiz for the lead in walk-off home runs since 2005 with seven. Not to mention the work he does with the glove. So he isn't just good, his production is among the best in history for players at his position. Not a bad guy to try and build a franchise around if you ask me.