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Stephen Strasburg Spending His Free Time Researching Nationals Park

The days must be pretty long for Stephen Strasburg. The man loves to throw a baseball, and until he gets a little healthier, is not medically permitted to doing so.

Sure, he can work out a little bit, but the offseason must be pretty long when it started in mid-August. In between his rehab, Strasburg is finding creative ways to spend his time. He planned a charity 5K, and is even taking classes at San Diego State. According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, he recently wrote a thesis for one of those classes on a topic near and dear to his heart.

In an effort to work toward a degree, he took two public administration classes at San Diego State. SDSU, PA 460 and PA 497, a thesis course. He wrote his thesis on the effect new stadiums have on neighborhoods, focusing his research on Nationals Park. He poured through pored over facts and figures, including the hiring process of construction workers and the history of the Anacostia waterfront.

When I was younger I found a way to craft all my school papers around the Boston Celtics, because it was the thing I found most interesting. In fact, my last college paper was on the death of Reggie Lewis. Seeing Strasburg write about something related to Nationals Park really makes me happy as someone who has a vested interest in the success of the Washington nationals.

It means that he isn't just playing for the Nationals to collect a paycheck. He really likes the franchise, the ballpark and hopefully the City itself. He was thinking about it when he got this paper assignment, and he thought that it was something interesting enough to write an entire thesis about. I'm hoping that means that he finds the franchise interesting enough to stick around after his first contract expires.