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Nationals Offseason: Nats Agree To Terms With Reliever Todd Coffey

It was reported yesterday that the Nationals were closing in on a deal with reliever Todd Coffey, and now it appears those talks have come to fruition. Bill Ladson is reporting that the Nats have agreed to terms with Coffey and that he will join the team pending a physical.

I just learned that the #Nats agreed to terms with reliever Todd Coffey, pending a physical. I'll have more on than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Coffey will join an already crowded Nationals bullpen, and it is yet to be determined what exactly his role will be. The Nationals had expressed interest in bringing aboard a veteran reliever to help Drew Storen with the closing duties, but Coffey doesn't really fit that description. He is a veteran, but he isn't really much of a closer.

The bullpen is the unquestioned strength of the Nationals team, and Coffey's addition only makes it stronger. Depth can only be a good thing,ts agree to terms with reliever Todd Coffey even if it only frees up another reliever to be used in a trade to fill another hole on the team.