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Bryce Harper Rated As The No. 3 Prospect In All Of Baseball

Do you know just how old Bryce Harper is? He was drafted after a year in Community College, but he earned his G.E.D. after his sophomore year in High School. This, his first professional season, is really more like his senior year in high school. Which means he still has a few more S.A.T. tests to take, and is desperately waiting for
Jim and Pam to get together on the Office.

But Harper is already a professional baseball player and will still be just 18 for most if not all of the season. Apparently, even at such a young age, he is a pretty darn good one. rated him as the third overall prospect in all of Baseball even though he is yet to play a game in the official minor leagues, via Federal Baseball.

I think we all know that Harper possess the ability to hit the long ball, but I think his work ethic is the thing I'm most surprised about hearing about since he signed with the Nationals.

It was more than just the high batting average that impressed Nationals hitting coach Rick Eckstein. It was Harper's work ethic that blew Eckstein away. Harper spent the AFL season on the taxi squad, which means he could only play twice a week. In between games, Harper worked hard on his offense and defense, and the young outfielder acted as if he was going to play every day.

In the video embedded in that article, they say that it's that work ethic that will allow Harper to maximize his already incredible potential. For somebody to which the game comes so easy, I wouldn't have been surprised to hear that he just expects things to come to him. Like he had Lebron-itis. But it is nice to know that he is willing to work hard at his craft.

As for the ranking, it's nice to see but I don't think it surprises anyone. We might have taken his potential greatness for granted, but I think I was expecting him to be a tremendous offensive player from day one, and he has not disappointed. I'm going to sleep, wake me up when he's making his Major League debut. I can't wait.