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PHOTO: Stephen Strasburg Sports Grizzly Beard While Introducing Charity Event


Tommy John Surgery can change a pitcher in so many ways. They need to rethink their pitching motion, so as to not put as much strain on their surgically-repaired shoulder elbow. They need to rethink their general approach to pitching and maybe not try to go all-out looking for strikeouts. They need to change their mental preparation to take extra care of their shoulders. They need to change their psyche so they can develop the kind of confidence they had when they were healthy. Etc.

Apparently, they also need to change their look. After undergoing Tommy John Surgery himself, Stephen Strasburg has done just that. In a promo for his inagural 5k charity run/walk with Tony Gwynn to promote the San Diego State baseball program, Strasburg showed off his new beard. I guess he's trying to get his mojo back in any way he can. Hey, it worked for Brian Wilson, so why not?

For more on the event itself, click here. A photo comparison of Strasburg's face follows below the jump.


That's from one of his last press conferences on August 27.


That's Strasburg now.