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Nationals Offseason: What The Nationals Lineup Looks Like Right Now

There has been a lot of change in the Nationals organization this winter. Or maybe it just feels that way when you lose arguably your best player and sign somebody for over $120 million. Actually, many of the Nationals from last year will reprise their roles for this year's club, and the lineup won't look incredibly different. Maybe in order, but not in personnel.

Mark Zuckerman from Nats Insider has an idea of what the Nats should use as their lineup.

1. CF Nyjer Morgan
2. SS Ian Desmond
3. 3B Ryan Zimmerman
4. 1B Adam LaRoche
5. RF Jayson Werth
6. LF Roger Bernadina/Michael Morse/Rick Ankiel
7. 2B Danny Espinosa
8. C Ivan Rodriguez/Wilson Ramos/Jesus Flores

First of all, how was "upgrade the center field position so we don't have to watch Nyjer Morgan strikeout three times a game" not at the top of their postseason shopping list? I know they had holes to fill, but come on now. Any lineup with him at the head, if he plays like he did last year, could always use some improving.

As for the rest of it. Espinosa, Desmond and Bernadina should all be better than they were last year. Zimmerman is Zimmerman. And we know what we're getting from Pudge and the young catchers. It all comes down to Jayson Werth/Adam LaRoche vs. Adam Dunn/Josh Willingham.

Offensively, it's just about a wash but Dunn and Willingham might be a little bit better. But LaRoche/Werth get points because they are vast improvements in the field. Not a bad exchange if you ask me.