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Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: No Contact From Captors, Venezuela Winter League Continues To Play

Wilson Ramos was kidnapped from his home in Venezuela on Wednesday, and as of Thursday, his family and the team he plays for in the Winter had yet to hear from his captors, according to Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington.

"We are still waiting for any news about Wilson Ramos," Kathe Vilera, spokeswoman for Ramos' Venezuelan team (Tigres de Aragua) tweeted this morning. "All the authorities are working in the case."

The sooner tha captors get in contact with the family, the sooner this whole situation can begin to be resolved. As of now, it's just some frustrating dead ends. As for the team Ramos plays for and the league as a whole, they will not be suspending play and plan to play all scheduled games.

"Suspending any ballgames will not help Wilson Ramos at all," league president Jose Grasso said. "Turning the lights off is not a solution."

We'll have more on this situation as it develops, but for more on this situation and everything Nationals baseball, check out Federal Baseball.