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Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Venezuelan Professional Baseball League Issues Statement

There are still very few developments and updates in the Wilson Ramos kidnapping investigation, but the Venezuelan Profesional Baseball League has issued a statement, via Amanda Comak of the Washington Times. This was translated from the original version which was in Spanish.

"La Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional condemns and deplores the kidnapping of (Wilson Ramos), a fact that has shocked the country, especially those who follow Venezuelan baseball.

"We also hope that this event has a favorable outcome for Wilson Ramos and his family and to do our supplications to the Almighty and call upon the authorities, so strong, to make all necessary inquiries, leading to a solution as quickly as possible."

Ramos' family is still awaiting contact from the captors, who have yet to reach out to anyone and issue a list of demands or a ransom or anything. We'll have more on this story as we learn more, but for more on the Nationals, check out Federal Baseball.