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Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Details About MLB Task Force Currently Investigating Ramos

Wilson Ramos was kidnapped yesterday in Venezuela, and Major League Baseball already has people on the ground aiding the government in trying to secure his safe return, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo. Here are some more details he tweeted about that task force. First about the DOI itself.

On Wilson Ramos abduction, MLB working with Vz officials thru its Dept. of Investigations. Creation of DOI part of Mitchell Report.

Then about the details of the task force.

MLB's Dept. of Investigations is headed by former NY cop Dan Mullin. The DOI has people on the ground in Vz. Mullin is the cousin of Chris.

It is good to know that they already have people on the ground there trying to make sure that this situation resolves as smoothly as possible. But any updates about the specifics of his kidnapping and any actual progress they have made would obviously be more welcome.

For more information, head over to Federal Baseball.