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PHOTO: 'Free Wilson Ramos' Sign Posted At Venezuelan League Game

The news about Wilson Ramos' kidnapping in Venezuela continues to trickle out, and as of now, the only major thing we know is that the Washington Nationals' catcher is still alive. Nationals fans and baseball fans everywhere are praying that Ramos will end up returned safe, and many are showing solidarity in different ways.

Most notably, those still playing winter ball in Venezuela are showing their support. Rafael Rojas, who has been on top of this story since the beginning, tweeted a picture of one sign at one Venezuelan league game on Thursday. The sign reads "Free Wilson Ramos" in Spanish.

This is just one billboard, but surely there will be more popping up across the world. Here's hoping that Ramos ends up being safe and sound. Photo below the jump.


For more on Ramos' kidnapping, be sure to stay with this StoryStream. For more on the Nationals, visit Federal Baseball.