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Wilson Ramos Kidnapping: Nationals Catcher Was Signing Autograph When Kidnapped

The details of the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos continue to trickle out, as investigators and the Venezuelan press add more clarity to the story. It now appears that Ramos was outside his house to oblige an autograph-seeker. According to the Venzuelan newspaper El Universal, Ramos was out in front of his house when an orange Chevrolet Captiva approached with the gun-toting kidnappers.

Via Ben Goessling of MASN:

The report says two trucks passed by his father Abraham, his brother David and his cousin. When his family realized what the men in the trucks were intending to do, they ran back toward Ramos’ house. Shortly thereafter, the trucks circled back and two men got out of an orange 2007 Chevrolet Captiva (the truck that was recovered today) and grabbed Ramos, pressing a 9mm pistol against his head…

The vehicle used had no license plate and dark tinted windows, precluding any witnesses, which included a group of children, from identifying the kidnappers. The circumstances leading to the kidnapping are incredibly chilling. Thankfully, the latest word from Venzuelan authorities on Thursday afternoon was that Ramos was still alive.

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