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Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Investigators Hope To 'Finish This As Soon As Possible'

The men who kidnapped WIlson Ramos still have not made contact with the family or relayed a list of demands to investigators. As a result it's difficult to really asses how far along the investigation is, and what kind of hope we can maintain for a swift return. There is a potential bit of good news, according to Amanda Comak of the Washington Times. The Investigators are reportedly very confident in their position, and hope to wrap the whole thing up soon.

There is some good news (or at least the hope is that it's good news) that investigators told the family a few hours ago that "the investigations are very advanced and not to worry because 'We're going to finish this as soon as possible.'"

Again, we're not sure what exactly this means, but it seems like the investigators are confident in their ability to bring a conclusion to this situation, and that has to be a good thing.

We'll have more information as soon as it becomes available, but check out Federal Baseball for more on the Nationals.